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review: suqqu ex-06 hanamizuki

February 17, 2016

I was lucky to be in Tokyo at just the right time to test out SUQQU’s spring collection in person this year. The quads were an easy buy for me and I snapped them both up at my makeover session (reviews to come!), but the trios took a bit more consideration. The colours were truly beautiful but I’m personally not a fan of eyeshadow trios on a whole – I generally find three colour formats too restricting.

suqqu spring 2016

It’s a weird personal bias, but I just feel that the dark-medium-light formula really limits the number of placements and colour combinations you can create within the palette. As such, I often prefer to use trios in combination with other eyeshadows rather than as a self-contained colour story.

But I toughed it out for this review and discovered a better appreciation for the foolproof configuration of eyeshadow trios. I finally get it…with only three colours to play with, there’s literally no way you can go wrong.

suqqu ex-06 hanamizuki 5

suqqu ex-06 hanamizuki 6

This lovely trio – SUQQU Ex-06 Hanamizuki – consists of a very shimmery pale pink, a beautiful golden pink and a satin green-brown.

suqqu ex-06 hanamizuki swatch. jpg

Compared to my swatches, the eyeshadows all went on much sheerer than I was expecting. I chalk this up to my mistakenly using overly soft brushes in my application. I wasn’t displeased with the results, but it’s worth noting that if you’re trying to get more pigmentation from this trio you’ll need to use fairly dense brushes (or your fingers).

suqqu ex-06 hanamizuki 2

suqqu ex-06 hanamizuki 3

I went with an easy placement here: the medium pink all over the lid, the darkest green-brown shade applied damp as a smudgy liner and also to darken the crease, and the light pink washed all over to finish.

suqqu ex-06 hanamizuki 4

The end result was very interesting. I ended up with a warm taupe that had a cool purple dimension to it. Yes, purple! Only in the magical world of SUQQU can you mix pink and green-brown and get purple.

suqqu ex-06 hanamizuki 1

As much as I liked this iteration, I feel like I might have over-blended the shadows a little which resulted in murky colours. I’m curious to give it another try and see if I can show the individual colours more vibrantly. Stay tuned for that experiment up next, and in the meantime if you had any placement tips for this trio I’d love to hear them!

P.S. Shout-out to Burberry Fresh Glow for making my skin look so radiant here. So far, it’s the only primer that I feel is on par with my long-time love, Le Blanc de Chanel.

P.P.S. Lips are a mix of MAC Flat Out Fabulous and Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Tulip.
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