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review: suqqu aw16 + christmas exclusive lipsticks

September 29, 2016

As the title indicates, this post is a bit of a mash-up between a couple of different SUQQU lipsticks: two Extra Glow Lipsticks from their autumn/winter 2016 collection and one Creamy Glow from their UK-exclusive Christmas collection.

SUQQU extra glow lipstick

The Extra Glow Lipsticks are a new, permanent line that are (you guessed it) super duper glossy and hydrating thanks to a blend of 7 different oils in their formula. The range includes 12 shades, of which 10 are permanent colours are two are limited edition:

01 KURUMIBENI – nude
02 AKIBARA – rose
03 SUITOU – pink
04 AYASANGO – coral
05 SAEANZU – orange red
06 BENIAKANE-brightred
07 SYUNAKE – true red
08 FUKABENI – crimson red
10 HAEBANA–red pink
EX-01 MITSUICHIGO – sheer pink balm
EX-02 MITSUGAKI – sheer coral balm


I was sent 05 Saenzu and EX-02 Mitsugaki to test, and can quite safely say I’m in love with both of them. As someone who has the driest lips on the planet, I find the Extra Glow lipsticks so comfortable and moisturising that I carry them around with me everywhere and treat them as really fancy tinted lip balms (which they essentially are). Arm and lip swatches are at the bottom of this post.


I was also sent a Creamy Glow Moist Lipstick in EX-03 Awa Momoka, which is one of three limited edition colours created for SUQQU’s UK-exclusive Christmas 2016 collection. The other two colours are EX-01 Sae Bara, a true red (see the lovely Belly’s review here) and EX-02 Kan Botan, a cool red. EX-03 Awa Momoka is described as “peach blossom”, and is a beautifully versatile nude.

I’ve actually been calling it my goes-with-everything nude, since I find it works equally well with natural and bold eye makeup. And despite its slightly warm undertone, it seems to play very well with both cool and warm makeup looks as well. Here are some swatches of all three lipsticks. As you can see, the Extra Glow lipsticks are extremely glossy compared to the Creamy Glow Moist formula.

SUQQU extra glow lipstick swatches 02

And here are some lip swatches. The top left picture is of my bare lips, so you can gauge how much pigmentation each shade has.

SUQQU extra glow lipstick swatches 01

I hope this post was helpful to anyone thinking about picking up either of these lipstick formulas! Between the two, my favourite by a hair is the (thankfully permanent) Extra Glow Lipsticks because I’m a huge sucker for anything even remotely resembling tinted balms, but EX-03 Awa Momoka is such a perfect nude colour that on days when my lips are smooth enough for lipstick it’s always the one I reach for.

Pricing & Availability: SUQQU Extra Glow Lipsticks (£23) are already available online and at SUQQU counters, but the Christmas collection of 3 Creamy Glow Moist (£27) colours will only be launching on October 6 with the rest of the UK-exclusive collection. Due to the high demand for the UK-exclusive Christmas collection, SUQQU UK will be taking early reservation requests via this website, which goes live on 29th September at 9:30am GMT. Please note that filling out the Reservation Form does not guarantee a confirmed order; if stock is available, SUQQU UK will confirm the reservation within 3 working days, after which you will be contacted separately by SUQQU Selfridges London to place your order. For enquiries and feedback, you can email
These products were provided as press samples, however all opinions and observations are my own and not influenced by the brand or its PR team. This post contains affiliate links.

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