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review: suqqqu ex-31 gyoukou

July 28, 2016

I feel like doing a happy dance. After a very long ordeal, my SUQQU Blend Colour Eyeshadow in Ex-31 Gyoukou is finally here!

SUQQU Ex-31 Gyoukou 2

Backstory: a kind friend in the UK snapped one up for me in May and mailed it to our LA home, only to have USPS lose it in their warehouse and tell me they’d mail it back to her in the UK…if it ever turned up. At that point I wrote it off as being lost forever but by some miracle it was found and mailed back to her safely, and this time she was able to send it without incident to me in Singapore. All in all, its been quite the international adventure for this little palette.

Roughly translating to “The Light of Dawn”, Gyoukou consists of a shimmering gold, a matte ivory, a matte orange and a matte deep brown.

SUQQU Ex-31 Gyoukou 1

The shadows are buttery smooth, and as per Hekikai this collection is quite punchy and saturated compared to the sheer shimmers of seasons past. The orange shade is especially, surprisingly pigmented so you should watch for that when you dip your eyeshadow brush into it. Take it from me, things can go very orange very fast!

suqqu ex-31 gyoukou swatch 1

The gold and matte white blend together into a lovely, subtle pale gold which I can’t help but think would be perfect for a face highlighter in a pinch. Aside from that, you can easily create few more warm semi-metallic shades that would be excellent for a quick all-over-the-lid look on days you don’t have time for actual placements. Mix shade #3 is especially beautiful in my opinion.

suqqu ex-31 gyoukou swatch 2

You can see a FOTD with this quad here.

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