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review: rouge bunny rouge seas of illumination

August 6, 2015

After falling hard for Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Sea of Clouds highlighter, it was kind of inevitable that the rest of their Seas of Illumination line would eventually be mine. The perfect excuse presented itself when my mother tried my Sea of Clouds and loved it…but felt she’d prefer something warmer. Sea of Showers was the obvious answer, and while I was at it I figured I might as well round out the collection and get Sea of Tranquility too.

rouge bunny rouge seas of illumination review3

As you can see, Sea of Clouds is bright white, Sea of Tranquility is light iridescent pink, and Sea of Showers is a pale coppery-peach. All have the same light floral scent, wear extremely well, and are a delight to own and use.

rouge bunny rouge seas of illumination review1

But on to the question of the day: Does one really need all three?

I’d say it depends on how you like to highlight. If you’re experimental like me, there’s enough variation between them to justify owning all of them…though this would make actually *finishing* any of the generously-sized bottles pretty tough. If you’d prefer to be a bit more judicious, I’d recommend…

rouge bunny rouge swatches seas of illumination

Sea of Clouds: if you mostly wear a bolder, more focused highlights on certain areas of your face. It’s great if you’re fair, but medium to dark skin tones may find this shade too ashy because of its bright white frost.

Sea of Tranquility: if you like a more subtle, healthy looking glow. Because it’s more iridescent than frosty, it’s very well suited to being mixed into foundation or moisturiser and worn all over for a dewy look.

Sea of Showers: if you like Sea of Clouds, but worry it’s too white for you. I actually find it sheers out a bit better than Sea of Clouds because the shimmer particles are ever-so-slightly less obvious and blend in with skin tones more.

Right now, Sea of Clouds is still my favourite because my face doesn’t need all-over highlighting. As the summer wears on though, I have been reaching for Sea of Showers more, and will likely be quite hooked on Sea of Tranquility through fall/winter when my skin starts to look more dull. You can see a full-face look I did with Sea of Clouds here, and I’ll be posting looks with the other two soon.

If you’ve already made up your mind however, here’s some good news: Rouge Bunny Rouge has kindly given me a 20% discount code to share with you all. Just key in RBR-EMILYLOKE20 at checkout to knock a chunk of change off your order. And if your final bill is over 50€, you’ll get free international shipping too!

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    August 8, 2015 at 8:19 am

    Just started reading your blog and been loving your beauty posts!

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      Thank you so much Ezzah 🙂

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