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review: rouge bunny rouge antigo palette

October 4, 2016

I’ve had my eye on Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Raw Garden Eyeshadow Palette in Antigo for a while, so when my birthday rolled around last month it was the obvious choice for a self-indulgent self-gift. Rouge Bunny Rouge’s packaging (from their shipping boxes right down to their product cases) is so darned delightful that every shipment from them feels like a present, which honestly always makes them the first brand that pops into my head when I’m looking to treat myself on a special occasion.

rouge bunny rouge antigo 1

The Antigo palette is actually a single split pan with 4 different eyeshadows, all pressed together with a chic pattern of zig-zag lines. I’m a sucker for lines and stripes and geometric shapes, so this was right up my alley. So much so that I physically cringed when I first used it. I wish there was some magical way of using makeup without destroying the imprinted designs!

rouge bunny rouge antigo 3

As you can see, the pan is made up of (clockwise) a pale nude, a mauve, a dark purple-y brown and a medium chestnut shade. Antigo was actually my very first foray into Rouge Bunny Rouge’s much-hyped eyeshadow, so although on one hand I really, REALLY didn’t want to mar the lines I was also very excited to dive right in and swatch these.

rouge bunny rouge antigo 2

One thing you should know about the Antigo palette is that you really cannot judge it by appearances – online or in person – alone. The shadows swatched quite differently on my skin compared to they way they looked in the pan, but all the surprises were pleasant ones. They colours swatched more neutral than cool, and also much brighter and more illuminated thanks to an elegant satin finish.

The nude colour was the most different on skin. It showed up as a glowing ivory which I’ve since learned is better as a highlighting shade for brow bones and inner Vs than as all-over base colour. I suggest using the mauve and chestnut colours (which show up light mauve and tan on my skin) for that instead. The darkest shade is of course perfect for deepening outer Vs or lash lines, but it also produces a chic, soft smokey eye when worn all over the mobile lid and blended out with the either of the two medium shades.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Antigo Swatches 1

Texture-wise, these shadows really lived up to the hype! Rouge Bunny Rouge is very well known for their eyeshadow formulas, and finally I know why.

These. Are. Flawless.

Aside from being silky smooth, their pigmentation is just right for fuss-free application. You don’t need to spend lots of time blending; these shadows do all the work for you. They melt into each so easily that you can be fast and loose with them and still be guaranteed a polished end result, an attribute that makes them ideal for everyday wearability. Their ease of use reminds me very much of my beloved SUQQUs, though these are a lot more accessible and cheaper, especially if you use my friends & family discount code.

By the way, I’d just like to put it out there that I make zero commission when you use this code. I’m just sharing it because…well, everyone likes to save money right? Also, if you notice a missing disclaimer in this post, it’s because Rouge Bunny Rouge doesn’t support affiliate links, not because I’m failing to disclose them.

Next up: a FOTD with this lovely palette, and more Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow reviews to come (because you know I went and ordered more the second I used this palette!)


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Pricing & Availability: Rouge Bunny Rouge Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette in Antigo (€49) is available from the Rouge Bunny Rouge website which ships internationally for free on orders over €50.

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