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review: make up for ever artist palette volume 4

September 7, 2016

I’ve been loving Make Up For Ever’s new Artist Palette Volume 4 lately. This all-matte palette feels very much like the answer to so many MUFE fans’ prayers – all of their palettes to date have been amazing but full of only satin or shimmer shades, and I know I’m not the only one that’s been willing a matte palette to appear.

make up for ever artist shadows 4 matte 1

I’m not only excited about the fact that one has finally materialised, but also about what it means for future releases. This gives me hope that future eyeshadow palettes will feature a wider mix of textures and be what I like to call “standalone palettes” which include matte base, transition and crease shades so you don’t have to go digging around for singles or multiple palettes to create a complete eye look.

make up for ever artist shadows 4 matte 2

This palette can technically be considered a “standalone”, but I personally prefer a mix of textures so I’ll most likely get more use out of it in combination with other shadows than on its own. For those who like all-matte looks however, there is – as always – an included booklet which shows you how to create 3 different looks with the palette, by breaking down the 9 shadows into 3 vertical columns.

Here’s a list of the colours and what I’ve been predominantly using them for:

M-100 Black *liner/outer V
M-620 Grey Brown *perfect eyebrow powder
M-126 Chalk *subtle browbone highlight
M-842 Wine *crease colour/outer V
M-806 Antique Pink *blush/transition shade
M-546 Dark Purple Taupe *lid/crease colour
M-240 Prussian Blue *liner
M-536 Milk Tea *perfect transition colour
M-530 Eggshell *base/blending colour

Make Up For Ever Artist 4 Palette 3

So far, I’ve made the most use out of the colours in the middle column (M-842, M-806 and M-546) as they’re so on-trend right now. Also worth mentioning are M-620, M-530 and M-536, which are excellent workhorse shades.

If you don’t own a matte palette yet, this is a really good one to have because it covers all the staples you need for most looks especially if you have a preference for slightly cooler colours. I do wish it had a warm brown instead of the blue, but that’s more a personal bias than anything. Hopefully because this palette is neutral-cool, Make Up For Ever will follow it up with some warm mattes next.

Here are some swatches of the colours. These shadows feel a tiny bit stiffer than my regular matte singles and I noticed they kicked up less powder when I rolled a brush around in them though I had no trouble picking up colour.

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow Palette 4 Swatches

All the shadows are very pigmented, blendable and smooth but if I had to pick a favourite, the standout shade for me in both colour and texture was M-546 Dark Purple Taupe. I keep going back to it and – I kid you not – have been pulling this palette out almost every day just for this one colour. It’s so beautiful and versatile, and if you love rosy taupes like I do then it’s totally a must have. (Psst: if you can’t justify owning this palette because you already have a lot of these shades, the great thing about Make Up For Ever’s palettes is that they always use colours from their permanent collection, so you can actually buy this on its own as a single shadow!)

Pricing & Availability: Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Volume 4 currently retails in Singapore for SGD$72 and is available at Make Up For Ever counters as well as on



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