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April 18, 2017

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had an absolute field day swatching the new Rouge Coco Glosses when I was at the press preview of the Coco Cafe. Please excuse the uneven lighting. I did swatch most of these at the cafe, but had to track a couple of them down at store counters after the event because I was having so much fun that I accidentally missed a couple while I was there!

Anyway, here are the 27 beautiful new shades, which consist of 24 colours and 3 top coats (last 3, bottom row).  If you are looking at swatches because you’re thinking about making an online purchase, I also recommend checking out Chanel’s actual website for very clear on-lip swatches of the whole range. It’s an excellent reference guide.

Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss Swatches 2017

As for the glosses, I love that they hydrating, and not sticky or staining. I was also really impressed with how evenly pigmented they all were…even the really dark vampy colours that can so easily look patchy in gloss form. The glitter shades were not at all chunky or gritty, and in terms of finish struck a perfect balance between shimmery and elegant.

All in all it’s a great formula and exactly what you’d expect lipgloss from a luxury brand to be. I don’t say this lightly because there are tons of products out there that – despite their brand – fall embarrassingly short, but in my opinion these glosses really live up the Chanel name. I don’t even LIKE lipgloss and I want all of these!

What are your favourite shades?



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