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April 26, 2017

I’m always flattered but flustered when people ask me how I do my brows – I never know how to answer because the truth is that I do very little to them at all. Personally, I like a more natural look (which is a nice way to say I barely tweeze) and on a whole am not a huge fan of the whole Instagram-brow, so my focus is usually on enhancing what’s there rather than creating a whole new shape.

There are pretty much only 3 brow looks I rotate through depending on my mood, the rest of my makeup and how much time I have. So when Make Up For Ever sent me their brow product collection and asked me to illustrate a few looks from their new pro-approved brow product campaign, these were the ones that I chose because they’re what I honestly wear myself.

1. Natural
When I want a fresh, natural look to pair with light makeup, I usually just brush my brows with brow gel – either clear or tinted – to give my brow hairs some hold and a touch more volume. I’m using Make Up For Ever Brow Gel in 0 here, which has tiny fibres in the gel to fatten up sparse brows while holding hairs in place.

Brow gels are probably the easiest and fastest way to do *something* to your brows so they aren’t completely bare. I also like to layer clear gel over softly filled-in brows for more hair definition.

make up for ever brow gel natural brows

2. Full
This is currently my de-facto brow look: filled in and more defined, but with a slightly wild, carefree vibe. I usually do this with powder or a pencil*, but for this exercise tried it with Make Up For Ever Brow Liner in 40 and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use. I initially thought it was just for people who wanted to patiently draw in individual hairs but even my fast, slapdash application yielded good results. All I did here was to colour in the sparser areas of my brows, with a heavier application in the centre of my brows and a lighter touch around the edges.

My tip for recreating this look would be to either first deposit the bulk of the product into the middle of your brows, or wipe the applicator off on the back of your hand before doing any edge work so that you don’t get any blobs of colour.

*Honorable mention: I use Make Up For Ever’s Pro Sculpting Brow in 40 which I reviewed here. I’m actually onto my third one now, because it’s the only pencil-type brow product that is foolproof enough to work for me!

make up for ever full brows brow liner

3. Sophisticated
I usually only wear my brows like this when I do very dramatic eyes, but I just wanted to keep the looks consistent for clarity so please excuse the incongruence of this look! This was created with Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow (a mix of shades 25 and 30) which in my opinion is a great product on its own but pushed into “must have” territory by its exceptionally smart packaging: it comes in a tube rather than a pot so it’ll never dry out on you.

Here I used a stiff angled brush to trace the natural outline of my brows before filling them in with short, light strokes. I also brushed them thoroughly with a spoolie to distribute the product and soften up the edges. My advice when doing the initial outlines would be to trace just on top or slightly inwards from your natural brow line rather than outside of it. Visible hairs around the edges of your brows is what will keep them from looking too stencilled-on and artificial.

make up for ever aqua brow sophisticated brows

I hope this post was helpful to anyone thinking about upping their brow game! If you need a little more guidance, Make Up For Ever Singapore has kindly offered my readers a 2-for-1 deal on mini brow makeovers at Sephora! $15 will get both you and your BFF a brow trim + your choice of any 1 of their 6 Brow Show looks. All you have to do is book your appointment at either Sephora ION (6836 5622) or Sephora Ngee Ann City (6341 9017) at least 3 days in advance and quote “EMILY” to get the deal. If you do make an appointment, I’d love to hear which of the looks you chose!


This post features products that were provided as press samples, however all opinions and observations are my own and not influenced by the brand or its PR team. This post contains affiliate links.

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