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FOTD: Suqqu Garden After Rain

May 5, 2021


Just so you know, this is me talking about SUQQU’s pre-summer 2021 collection, Garden After Rain, again. I thought I’d keep these photos separate and use this as an opportunity to do a bit of a follow-up, now that I’ve worn the products a few times and am more familiar with how they work on my face.

I’m wearing Signature Colour Eyes in 102 Ayashizuku, Pure Colour Blush in 126 Yuribeni and Vibrant Rich Lipstick in 112 Natsufuyou. I tried my darnedest to make 113 Yuuchairo work but it just wasn’t happening with this eyeshadow and blush combo. It definitely works best on me as part of a tone-on-tone brown look, but I’ve been so enamoured with the pinks and reds of this Signature Colour Eyes quad that I haven’t been very motivated to pull out my neutrals and create a full look around it. I’ll get there, I promise.

Though this collection is meant to be a celebration of late spring colours, it’s also perfectly appropriate for the fall weather we’re having here in the southern hemisphere. Obviously this is a bonus because it means the collection is quite versatile and wearable year-round.


Some thoughts on texture and wear: I found Vibrant Rich Lipstick in 112 Natsufuyou very comfortable, and it paired very well with Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipliner which was a neat discovery. I ended up dabbing a finger over the edges and wearing it slightly smudgy, which is how I’ve been wearing all my lipstick lately.

I enjoyed playing with the warm-cool balance of Pure Colour Blush in 126 Yuribeni, but what impressed me about it the most is that no matter how much I layered on it never veered into clown territory. In fact it stayed quite light and pretty, though it definitely looked bolder in real life than it does in these photos. I’d say Yuribeni is pretty consistent with most SUQQU blushes in that it’s fairly sheer and requires a bit of building-up if you aren’t as pale as I am, but happily it is quite an inclusive colour. SUQQU Europe recently featured this blush on a Black model (on their Instagram) and it looked absolutely stunning on her darker skin tone.

And then of course there’s the eye quad. Again, this is Signature Colour Eyes in 102 Ayashizuku (with 103 Amaoto being on its way to me as I type this) and I’d describe it as a pinky-red palette that can either be warmer or cooler depending on how you’re layering the colours. And much as I love the golden pink duochrome in the upper left corner, it’s the multicoloured shimmer pan that I’ve so far found the most interesting. On its own it appears quite transparent and neutral, but it tips anything it’s applied over into cool territory.

I initially thought that the new texture was just a minor improvement over the Design Colour Eyes range, but having swatched this against my older palettes I’ve realized that there is noticeably more slip to these new shadows. This is particularly impressive because they’re also intensely pigmented and somehow still manage to layer like a dream. And for anyone wondering how this new formula compares to the Blend Colour Eyeshadow range, I can confidently say that the bottom two shades of 102 Ayashizuku felt silkier than the red of EX-32 Rengazome and pink EX-35 Yukitsubaki. Understandably, these aren’t exactly benchmark quads/colours for the most die hard of SUQQU fans, and I’ve so far only tested this one special edition quad, but for now I will remain cautiously optimistic!

SUQQU Pre-Summer 2021 is currently available at Selfridges online, and launches on May 6th at Harrods and Liberty London. You can find my review and swatches here.


This post features products that were provided as press samples, however all opinions and observations are my own and not influenced by the brand or its PR team. This post contains affiliate links. 

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