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photoshoot makeup with urban decay naked 1

June 15, 2015




I’m almost caught up on requests! This is for a friend who asked for a tutorial on the eye makeup I was wearing in the above photos. Here are some close ups that show the details a little better followed by a little step-by-step guide – the best I can do at the moment since I still haven’t worked up the nerve to film a video tutorials!



This is what I’d consider “photoshoot-makeup” (i.e. makeup that’s exaggerated to show up distinctly on camera) which means quite a full-coverage base, bold brows, contouring and dark eyeshadow with falsies. Of course, you can tone something like this down for real life application by just using a lighter hand / less dramatic eyeshadow colours and skipping the falsies altogether.

For the eye makeup, I used my trusty Urban Decay Naked palette which I’ll be referencing that in the following steps:


1. Sweep a light layer of Naked all over your lid.
2. Pat Virgin from your inner V to 1/2 way across your lid.
3. With a flat brush, use Darkhorse to draw a fairly thick cat-eye shape that starts from the middle of your lid and extends past the outer corner of your eye. Connect the bottom of your cat-eye to your lower lash line, smudging it into the outer 1/3 of your bottom lashes.
4. Use a mix of Darkhorse and Smog to darken your outer V, smoking the ends of your wings upwards into your crease.
5. Blend this out through your crease with Buck, being careful not to bring any darkness onto your lid.
6. Pat Half Baked on the centre of your lid.

I finished this look with mascara, eyeliner and false lashes. Unfortunately I forgot to write down what the face products were, but for anyone wondering, the lipstick is MAC Sheen Supreme in Happy Hibiscus.

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