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fotd: suqqu extra rich cream foundation

September 15, 2016

Note: after I wrote this I realised this trend out to be less of a FOTD and more of a personal follow-up to my more technical review of SUQQU’s new Extra Rich Cream Foundation (and Foundation Brush) which you’ll find here, and a second attempt with SUQQU Blend Colour Eyeshadow quad in EX-32 Rengazome, which I reviewed here and wore for a FOTD here. Sorry guys, long read ahead!

SUQQU Extra Rich Cream Foundation-3

Let’s dive right in: What do I really think about this foundation? It went on flawlessly, but honestly I kind of assumed its advertised “evolving” dewy finish meant it was going to evolve from dewy to shiny to disco ball in an hour. For the sake of science however, I put the foundation on tested the living bejeezus out of it anyway by spending all afternoon in a non-airconditioned tropical environment followed by a walk through the park with my dogs on the clammiest, most humid evening ever.

I worked up such a sweat at the park that I was truthfully a little afraid of what I’d see in the mirror when I got home to check on my face. Imagine my shock when I realised the foundation had not only held up through all that but was only dewy at best! I had a light sheen, but my skin wasn’t anywhere near as shiny as I thought I’d be. I’ve used cushion foundations that have made me just as shiny upon application.

On a high from that win, I figured I’d keep pushing my luck so I blotted my sweat off with tissue (and noticed a bit of transference, but nothing major) dusted a bit more setting powder on and headed out for dinner with Adam. After dinner we walked around outdoors before coming home, and when we did…my foundation still looked good! I couldn’t believe it. FYI I totally got busted checking my skin out in the elevator mirrors.

At this point I just wanted to see how long I could keep it on for before it deteriorated, but at the 12 hour mark I started getting sleepy and had to wash it off for bed. So essentially, this foundation outlasted ME. Before I took it off, I did a thorough check and was surprised (again) that it still looked fantastic. It hadn’t faded anywhere and wasn’t separating even on the oiler parts of my face. If I’d been so inclined, I’m sure I could have blotted, powdered and gone back out with it again.

So there you have it. This stuff not only wore like iron but stayed in fantastic condition no matter what I put it through. And when I did have to refresh my face, it didn’t require anything more than a light dusting of powder.

SUQQU Extra Rich Cream Foundation-2

I will say that this is a very, very full coverage foundation especially when applied with the SUQQU Foundation Brush, as I did here. You can definitely sheer it out slightly with a damp Beauty Blender and get more of a medium coverage effect as I did in my Pure Colour Blush review.

As for the rest of my face, this look is my attempt at a soft, wearable red look. I used SUQQU Ex-32 Rengazome on my eyes…and cheeks! I used Rengazome’s red shade on my cheeks as well, and the champagne shade as a highlighter. My intentionally-smudgy lips are a mix of MAC Diva and Lady Danger, patted over balm.

SUQQU Extra Rich Cream Foundation-4

Pricing & Availability: SUQQU Extra Rich Cream Foundation (£65) and Foundation Brush (£25) launch on September 22nd and will be available in-store at Fenwick of Bond Street, and both online and in-store at Harrods and Selfridges.



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