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April 23, 2017

Here’s my first look with SUQQU’s UK-exclusive summer collection, focusing on the eyeshadow quad in #103 Kisui. I am also wearing Pure Colour Blush in #102 Tsuyakagerou and Extra Glow Lipstick in #104 Tsuyazakuro.

SUQQU 103 Kisui-13

If you read my initial review, you’ll remember I said that this quad in particular reminded me of the discontinued Blend Colour Eyeshadow quads in its textural variety and the more complex shimmer finishes of the two dark green shades.

Now that I’ve played around with it a bit more, I can say that it still does remind me of my BCE quads visually but texturally is not a revival of the old formulas. There is less slip and slightly more pigmentation in these shimmers, which means they are a touch better for oomph than they are for sheer layering.

SUQQU 103 Kisui-11

Of course this is just my opinion, and something you should take with a grain of salt in this case because of the way I prefer to wear my greens. It’s one of those colours that look better on me in rich jewel tones, hence my building it up like crazy here. But before I scare you off it, let me just clarify that this isn’t out-of-the-pan intensity: in the inner and outer corners, I used SUQQU Deep Nuance Eyes in EX-05 Yakou as base to deepen the colours, and foiled the bronze-gold shade on the centre of my lids with a damp brush.

SUQQU 103 Kisui-10

Also, I made a new discovery with this quad! I always thought my eyes looked best with warm tones, but Kisui’s deep jungle greens have made me regret overlooking this colour family for years. If you have hazel eyes as well, you are probably going to love these shades.

I’ll be back soon with a look from the other quad in this collection – #104 Natsusango – but in the meantime, I know a lot of you have been asking how to get a hold of these products outside of the UK so please see below for purchasing information.

SUQQU 103 Kisui-12

Pricing & Availibility: Designing Colour Eye quad (£46) #103 Kisui, Pure Colour Blush (£30) in #102 Tsuyakagerou and Extra Glow Lipstick (£25) in #104 Tsuyazakuro, will launch as a limited edition, UK-exclusive summer collection on the 27th of April at Selfridges and on the 11th of May at Harrods and Fenwick.

The collection is available online at Selfridges, but keeps going in and out of stock so if you are able to go down to a counter in person, I recommend doing that. For international purchases, I suggest emailing emailing SUQQU UK directly at suqqu.london@eqpuk.com or suqquuk@eqpuk.com for product information.


This post features products that were provided as press samples, however all opinions and observations are my own and not influenced by the brand or its PR team. This post contains affiliate links.

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    August 9, 2018 at 10:13 am

    How beautiful! you totally rock these colors, truly gorgeous 🙂
    I also love that you did a darker look! Hoping these quads will deliver and will remind me a bit of the old formula… #suqqunostalgia

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