Beauty Product Reviews


November 6, 2014

Did you read my review of Nyx Soft Matt Lip Cream? Well I just realised I kind of skipped ahead on that one and forgot to explain what a lip cream was in the first place. My bad.

If you haven’t tried them for yourself, lip creams are kind of like a liquified lipstick. They’re generally matte, and as pigmented as a lipstick would be, but have a cream-like consistency rather than being a solid. In my last post I also mentioned high and mid-range lip creams, which I compared the Nyx ones to. Because I’m nothing if not thorough (by which I mean obsessive compulsive and a total makeup hoarder), here are the products I was referring to and how they all stack up against each other.


This was the first lip cream I ever encountered. It’s dry, pigmented, and very matte. I initially didn’t believe the product’s “cream-to-powder” description, but that’s exactly what it is. It has a very luxurious texture, and the staying power on this is excellent. I love that the formula is all natural, and designed to be edible (because, let’s face it – that happens).

Buy this if: You like classic colours, and don’t mind paying for a high-quality product.


I was looking for a true neon pink lipstick when I stumbled on these. It’s 100% accurate to the colour you see in the tube – I love the absolute opaqueness and colour saturation. Texture wise, it’s pretty wet which I feel helps with even application as it doesn’t clump, but it does take a while/require blotting to dry completely matte. It totally lives up to it’s Long-Wear name though, and I rarely feel the need to reapply.

Buy this if: You’re looking for true-to-life brights and like a less dry/drying formula.


These are such good value if you can get over the fact that the pigment density isn’t fantastic. Because this formula is a bit sheer, my natural lip colour shows through and renders all the colours slightly duller than they appear in the tube. Also worth noting: the formula can be a bit clumpy, and isn’t long-lasting. That said, the colour range is huge, the price can’t be beat, and they smell amazing!

Buy this if: You love changing up your look, and want variety without breaking the bank.


So whats the verdict? For me at least, the ones from Sephora are the clear winner. I’m pleasantly surprised by the colour payoff every time I use them, and even the lighter colours in the range (like lilac) offer super opaque coverage on my comparatively darker lips. Also, I prefer that the formula is a bit wet, because it doesn’t dry out my lips or emphasise any existing chapping. But just don’t take my word for it! Lip creams in general are such a neat product that whatever brand you decide to try, they’re definitely worth testing out for yourself.