advent makeup challenge

December 3, 2016

Sorry for posting this a little late, but I just wanted to share this December makeup challenge with you. It was created by Optomostichypocrite for Makeup Alley, and is shaping up to be a lot of fun! Makeup challenges are a always great way to try things out of your comfort zone, and to rediscover old favourites in your stash that maybe haven’t been getting any love lately. It’s only been going on for 3 days, so you have plenty of time to jump in this weekend.

P.S. My handle on Makeup Alley is dolceus if you want to say hi!

Makeup Challenge Dec2016

I’m going to be attempting this challenge while continuing my regular blogging and reviews, so there’s going to be some crossover but I’ll update this page (which I’m going to link in the sidebar) so I can keep track of all the different looks I’ve done for it.

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