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a fresh start to my week

April 21, 2015

When I was invited to meet Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, the founders of Fresh, I jumped at the chance. Fresh is a fairly new discovery for me, but after their Advanced Lip Therapy saved my lips in LA last year I’ve been kind of obsessed with the brand.


Anyway, guess who totally misread the part about it being a dinner, arrived almost late and completely flustered, and was promptly seated directly across from Lev Glazman himself?


This post would be full of secondhand embarrassment had Lev not turned out to be the nicest, most genuine person ever. For the record, he’s also quite the storyteller and had a few exotic anecdotes about Fresh’s Créme Ancienne, one of which involved Marie Antoinette’s boobs. No lie.


Old-timey gossip aside, what really struck me about Lev was his curiosity. He was truly engaged and inquiring, no matter how seemingly trivial the topic of conversation. We told him where to shop in Bangkok, and what movies to watch. He listened, asked advice, took notes. I can’t think many people with that level of sincere interest in other people’s opinions, let alone the founder of a huge beauty brand.

As you can imagine, the table’s conversations left little time for photo taking. Still, I wish I’d done a better job capturing how pretty the details of the room were.


I did however remember to take food photos, because I was so thrilled about it being keto-friendly. And also because I’m totally Singaporean.


Top top off an already perfect evening, we were each generously gifted a jar of Créme Ancienne Soft Cream…which Adam is already trying to steal, having read the ingredients list with great approval. If this turns out to be the one face cream I can convince him to use, it’d be a miracle in itself!



I already use Fresh products on a daily basis, but now I have some really fun memories to recall when I do. Thank you Fresh Family, for the lovely evening – it was definitely one of my better Mondays!