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10 day makeup challenge

February 19, 2015

For someone who has quite the stash of makeup, I sometimes still end up wearing the same neutral eyeshadow over and over again. It’s not necessarily a bad thing – having a go-to look is super useful when I’m in a hurry – but it’s still frustrating to be short on inspiration.

To shake myself out of the rut I’m in, I thought I’d put together a list of looks I’d like to try over the next ten days. Feel free to join in on Instagram under the #10daymakeupchallenge hashtag, or to just use this for ideas if you need to spark some creativity.


Here’s my first look from the challenge – red lips! This is Rockstar from NYX Cosmetic’s new line of High Voltage lipsticks, which I’ll be doing a proper review of soon.


As much as I love red lipstick, I’ve discovered I’m far too messy of a person to wear it properly. By the end of the day, it was on my teeth, under my nails, and all over the contents of my purse. It’s the start of Chinese New Year today though, so having red everywhere was more amusing than annoying…just this once!

Now that the challenge is over, here’s a recap of all the looks I did over the last 10 days and links to the individual challenge posts with product information.


1. Bright Red Lips // 2. Gilded Lids // 3. Sweet Cheeks // 4. Retro Winged Liner // 5. Use Only 1 Eyeshadow // 6. Glowing Skin // 7. A Touch of Purple // 8. Smoked-out Liner // 9. Dark Glossy Lips // 10. Shimmer and Sparkle